Creds API Reference

Endpoint Description
/credsAPI enpoint to query for breached credentials

Parameter Description Required
actionmanage monitored domains
must be set to add, del or list
attrdisplay a short description of the breachno
dateonly display results newer that this value. Value set in YYYYMMDD formatno
domadd/delete the domain you wish to monitor
must be used in conjunction with the action parameter
hashreturn a 0 if the password is in hashed format and a 1 if the password has been decryptedno
importdisplay the date the breach was imported into the databaseno
jsondisplay results in JSON format (default is CSV)no
liclicense key
can be sent via a GET parameter or request header
listlist the breaches and dates they were importedno
notifyadd/delete the email address you wish to receive alerts on
must be used in conjunction with the action parameter
presults are limited to 500 credentials per request. When an HTTP 206 response status is returned, pagination is required to view the remaining results.
p is a numeric page value
rreturn the number of remaining monthly queries allowedno
ssearch term - e.g. or john@example.comno
strictlimit results to exact matches only (i.e. no subdomains)no
updateReturn the Unix timestamp the creds database was last updatedno
uniqReturn a list of all unique email addresses and plaintext passwordsno