Episode 11 - Show Notes

Listen to this episode11 - Hacking from the command line with Bash and Vim
redirect output to a file examplels > output.txt
redirect output to both a file and the screen examplels |tee output.txt
redirect output as a file descriptordiff <(cmd1) <(cmd2)
return the output of a command to a variable examplevi $(ls ~user/*doms*)
parse file & only print matching lines (case insensitive)grep -oiE "string"
run commands in parallelcat subdmns.txt|awk '{print $1 ".example.com"}'|xargs -n1 -P10 ./sub.sh
vim shortcut: open multiple files in tabsvim -p *
vim shortcut: jump back to terminal:sh
vim shortcut: return to vimctrl d
vim shortcut: run a shell command!cmd
vim shortcut: cat a file into this script!cat subdomains|./%
vim shortcut: remove lines that match a string%!grep v "string"