How often is the database updated?
We search for new breaches to add on a daily basis. While the exact number of breaches imported each month depends on the number of companies getting hacked and the data surfacing, on average we add between 10 - 20 significant breaches each month.
Why are some passwords in plaintext while others are hashed?
The goal is to have as many plaintext passwords as possible. Depending on the hashing method used in the given breach, the passwords may have already been cracked or may still be in the process.
How do subscriptions work?
Depending on the subscription level, a certain number of queries are allotted to the account. The request threshold is reset at the beginning of each month. Subscriptions are either monthly or yearly and can be canceled at any time. Yearly subscriptions are discounted and get one month free.
How do I subscribe?
In order to ensure that the service is not abused, companies must be approved before gaining access to the service. If you would like to purchase a subscription please use the contact form to begin the process.